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Excursion with A3c to the bunkers of Fortress Vitznau

Exchange placement

I was given the opportunity to come on an exchange placement to the Zürich area by Manchester Metropolitan University, where I am training to become a history teacher. During my exchange I was asked to teach and observe lessons during the three week placement. My home univsersity worked with Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich to find a placement school for me.

During my three weeks here at Schulhaus Krämeracker, the teachers and students at the school have all been kind, friendly and very welcoming. I have taught some English and history lessons. In the English lessons I worked with the two classes I was teaching to help them improve their English and also learn a bit about Britain itself. In the history lessons, I was teaching three classes about some aspects from the Second World War from the British persepective such as, the Blitz, the Battle of Britain and what life was like living at home in Britain. I have really enjoyed teaching the three classes (A3c, A3d, AB3h) and being at the school for the past three weeks. It has been a very interesting and amazing experience, one that I will always remember throughout my teaching career.

Bethan Harvey